(classic barn: stage)

What Haasenhof has to offer:
We offer live concert recordings, CD productions, demo tapes etc. under the guidance of sound engineer and recording producer Ingmar Haas. You can choose between a number of rooms of different sizes and acoustics. All recordings are carried out under professional conditions with up-to-date technical equipment. Ingmar Haas has a long experience in business and is currently working as a sound engineer and recording producer at the EBS (Emil Berliner Studios) as well as for different broad casting corporations and music publishing houses.


Let us work out an individual offer for you that meets your requirements and your musical experience of the future is guaranteed.
We offer low-price ‘student specials’ for students, but also for lay- or musical school
ensembles ensuring the same professional standard.
Please ask for special demo tape offers for students and young professionals. Contact us under
+49(09)162-6240568 or send an email to
We are happy to work out and individual offer for you.
We are looking forward to your music.