You wish to make music, have a focused rehearsal (e.g. in preparation for a contest or a concert), offer a music class or organize a weekend course? Or you wish to make CD recordings under professional guidance?


Perhaps you just feel like spending your vacation in a relaxed musical surrounding?
Haasenhof is the place for you. We provide just what you need:

attractive rehearsal/ class rooms, recording studios (almost all of them with either a piano or a grand piano) and our unique classic barn (Klassikscheune).

Implement your ideas in a special and comfortable ambience.
We are looking forward to your visit

Musical greetings, the Haas family
We are happy to lend our support and help you with your ideas.

From Malte Borges book “Rund ums Steinhuder Meer”:
Haasenhof—the musical experience of the future